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Pro Fashion Designer


Business Cycle

How The Company Will Work


Textile Design is a practice that has evolved to become an industry, integral to other disciplines such as fashion, interior design and fine arts.


Garment washing is a technology which is applied to change or modify the outlook, appearance, comfortability and the design of the garments.


The sewing department stitches garments and makes clothes. Operators are the one, who sew garments using different types of sewing machines.

3. Quality Control Department

Quality Control is the process in which a business seeks to ensure that the product quality is maintained or improved.

7. Pressing

The look of a garment is increased manifold times due to the proper pressing of garments thereby the same attracts the public to buy the garment.

2. Stores and Material Control

Materials and Supplies constitute the most important asset of the organisation in the majority of business enterprises.

8. Labelling

Labelling the Clothes are the first impression and the finishing touch to the newly manufactured garments.

1. Purchasing Department

Purchase Departments are very important in organisations as they help to keep the organisation healthy.

9. Packaging

Packaging process includes the activities of designing and producing the container for a product in it.

About Array Lifestyle

Know About Array Lifestyle

In 2009, Mr Amit Pushpa Mutreja found the idea of Array lifestyle.

Array lifestyle was the idea to start a boutique with the latest and trending designs, but the same was dropped later due to the loss factors in the textile industries. Now, Mr Amit Pushpa Mutreja has come with a new idea to open his brand on a big platform that will serve its clothing all over India.

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About Entrepreneur

About Mr Amit Pushpa Mutreja

Mr Amit Pushpa Mutreja was born in August 1989, in Jaipur.

After completing high school, he began his college life.

Mr Amit Mutreja had a dream of opening a boutique to promote his knowledge, good ideas and good designs in the clothing industry.


Mr Amit Pushpa Mutreja had a great taste in dressing sense. He was someone who always used to come up with new and unique ideas with his dressing sense.

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Our Mission & Vision

Providing high quality

We have the main mission of providing high quality at low costs to everyone.

We want to provide clothing according to every age group and designs according to customers’ needs.

We also want to increase brand accessibility via brand presence at various points associated with various sales channels. We wish to become the leading brand in the Indian-wear segment.

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